Course Ninja

About Us

Course Ninja is on a mission to create a more financially secure workforce by helping hobbyists and professionals turn their knowledge and skills into income.

Nicholas Singh

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas started off as a science tutor. But after a while, he felt stuck. He wanted to help more students but could only fit so many into his schedule. So, he launched his first online course. It was a huge success reaching 10,000+ students. After that, family, friends and colleagues asked him to share his online course building method. That's when he realized the impact that building an online course could have on hundreds of thousands of professionals (like you)!

Anthony Martin

Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Anthony has background in working for tech companies and the educational technology industry. After graduating college and spending some years in the workforce, it became apparent that people should have a source of income that is separate from their primary day job. Anthony teamed up with Nicholas, to build a business that allows just that and the best part is that it's replicable. Catch you later course ninjas!