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Who we help

For hobbyists and professionals, we are a research-based, plug-and-play training program that helps you build and sell online courses fast. All you need is basic computer skills — we'll share the rest.

What would passive income mean to you?

We all dream of financial independence. The problem: we trade time for money. How do we break free? Course Ninja provides a clear, low-cost and low-energy path to monetize knowledge.

Why online training works?

It's all about scale. Online training allows you to reach and impact hundreds of students with only an incremental increase in time spent.

What makes Course Ninja different?

Research-based approach

Based on the same business and course design best practices used by top companies and universities.

Fast, plug-and-play system

With video guidance, templates, workflows, examples, and a zero-fluff content policy.

Unlimited, free support

Ongoing check-ins, course updates, FAQs, email support and custom templates — at no extra cost.

Keep 100% of your profits by learning how to build your own course business with research-based templates, plug-and-play system, unlimited support and a course sale guarantee!

What's inside the program?

Define your topic

No matter the topic, your skill has value

Our Course Oneliner™ helps you define your course topic so you can clearly communicate the value of your skill to anyone.

Create the content

Outline and record content - Ninja fast

Creating content no longer has to take months. Use our plug-n-play templates to finish in a matter of hours. Massive value.

Launch your site

Design a compelling sales page

Want to quickly build a website like ours? We'll show you how and give you all our templates. Just copy and paste!

Grow your income

Scale your earnings as high as you want

You can put as much or as little work into marketing and selling your course as you want with our Growth Playbook™.

How to get started

Financial freedom is only 3 steps away


Register now to gain access to templates, training, and support


Follow our step-by-step process from concept to launch


Convert leads into sales and watch your income grow!

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Course Sale Guarantee

You can obtain a partial refund of 50% of your purchase price at any time within 30 days of purchase, regardless of the reason, with a written request by emailing us at Full refunds require proof of course completion. We will first attempt to help you with free consultations. If after receiving help, you have not earned your first sale, we will refund 100% of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average: 1 hour per day. We have created template schedules that you can follow. Don’t think you have 1 hour per day? We have examples of young working moms who found time to launch their course and now run it for hardly any time per week. Think about it: there are 168 hours per week. Typically most people have at least 10 hours of totally free time. That’s plenty. Invest that free time into your financial future. Besides — we’re here to check in, motivate and keep you accountable!

Don’t worry! Being an expert in a topic does not make someone a good online course creator nor business person. All you need is to have spent 50-100 hours acquiring some knowledge or skill. That’s more than your students. And, there are plenty of students who need help. Plus — by following our research-based best practices and templates, you’ll stand out ahead of other online courses.

Show us a few students who are satisfied with online courses, and we’ll show you the thousands of others left unsatisfied. With our innovative methods of instructional design, we’ll help you design a course that stands out simply because it works better. Not only that, but our best practices in branding and marketing will help students resonate with your company, its story and its aspirational promise.

Other well-known ways to earn passive income are: real estate and investing. However, these require more upfront capital, time commitments and risk than you think. Course Ninja provides a structured, step-by-step process that you can follow to earn income. In fact, it won’t take up all of your free time, so if you wanted you could pursue other passive income activities as well to further diversify your income streams.

Let’s make a deal. Send us an email at and share what you have in mind. We’re open!

We designed our program to help you build your course in as little as 1 week. Selling can begin immediately thereafter. Stuck? Contact us for unlimited, personalized support anytime.

Ready to earn passive income?

With our research-based, plug-and-play system, unlimited support, and course sale guarantee.